Osflo Fertiliser

Osflo Fertiliser is one of the most cost effective Fertilisers on the market. Its unique blend of essential elements and nutrients, combined with chicken manure is proven to stimulate vigorous plant growth.

Osflo Fertiliser has many benefits

  • Naturally Balanced fertiliser
    Osflo contains a rich balanced supply of all essential elements to promote and sustain healthy plant growth and profits
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly fertiliser
    Osflo contains high organic matter which improves the soil physically, chemically and biologically. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fertilisers, yet it achieves the best results! 
  • Fast acting and sustaining
    Part of the Nitrogen content in Osflo is available immediately therefore it is a fast active fertiliser. The remaining nitrogen is released slowly giving sustained nitrogen activity which is beneficial to the plant and the environment. Extensive trials have proven that this will occur
  • Improves soil pH
    As a balanced fertiliser, regular applications of Osflo will increase soil pH
  • Increases Earthworm activity
    Regular use of Osflo provides an excellent environment for casting earthworms. Earthworms are important for returning leached elements and nutrients back to the plant root zone. Earthworms also increase soil aeration which helps plants establish a deeper rooting system
  • Encourages soil micro-organisms
    Osflo encourages desirable soil micro-organisms and the turnover of soil nitrogen and other nutrients is often stimulated through this increased biological activity
  • Fertmark registered fertiliser
    The Fertmark Programme was established to give consumers confidence in the Quality of Fertilisers. Customers can be confident that Fertilisers supplied from Fertmark Registered Companies are reliable and if used correctly does not pose hazards to food safety or animal welfare
  • Cost effective
    Osflo is one of the most cost effective fertilisers. It is a complete balanced fertiliser supplying over 13 essential plant nutrients
  • Proven performance
    Osflo has been serving customer needs for over 40 years. Awareness of Osflo and its benefits are growing all the time. We will be happy to put you in touch with customers so you can 'check it out' for yourself.
  • Full product range
    Osflo has developed a full range of products so we can customise a fertiliser blend for your individiual requirements. We offer a full range of fertiliser additives, including trace elements.

 Osflo Fertiliser Products

Product name               Spread rateNutrients supplied per/ha
     N    P    K    S    Mg   Ca     N   P   K  S  Mg  Ca  
Osflo Standard  3.3   1.1  1.9  0.3  0.5  2.5         2000  66  22  38  6   8  51  
Osflo Pasture Mix 985  3.3  1.1  2.6  0.3   0.4  2.5         2000  65  22  52  6   8  50  
Osflo Hay & Silage 970  3.2  1.1  3.3  0.3   0.4  2.5         2000  64  21  67  6   8  49  
Osflo Autumn Mix 840  2.8  0.9  2.1  0.3  2.0  5.6         2000  55  18  42  5  40 112  
Osflo Maize Mix 950  3.1  1.0  4.3  0.3  0.4  2.4         6000 188  63 258 17  23 145  
Osflo Maize Mix 970  3.2  1.1  3.3  0.3  0.4  2.5         6000 192  64 201 17  23 148  
Osflo Turnip Mix 955  3.2  1.1  3.8  0.3  0.4  2.4         5000  158  53  191  14  19  121  

Customise your blend

We specialise in making custom blends, which are tailored to ensure you get the right nutirents to optimise your pasture growth. We offer a range of additives including:

  • Dolomite
  • Fine Lime
  • Triple Super
  • RPR (Sechura)
  • Sulphur
  • Sulphate of Potash
  • Salt
  • Muriate of Potash
  • LimeMag
  • Trace elements - full range available

Osflo Fertiliser analysis

Major elements

 Nitrogen            N       3.3   
 Phosphorus      1.1
 Potassium  1.9
 Sulphur S  0.3
 Calcium Ca   2.5
 Magnesium Mg  0.5
 Sodium Na  0.4

Minor elements

 Iron  Fe     590
 Manganese      Mn  404
 Copper  Cu   42
 Zinc  Zn  440
 Boron  B   21
 Molybdenum  Mo  6
 Iodine  I  4
 Cobalt  Co  6
 Selenium  Se    1
 Organic matter %    47.7

 All results are reported on "as received" basis.

Osflo Fertiliser Nutrient Supply

When applied at 2,500kg per hectare Osflo supplies:

82.5kg N Nitrogen
27.5kg P Phosphorus
47.5kg K Potassium

When applied at 1,875kg per hectare Osflo supplies:

62.0kg N Nitrogen
20.6kg P Phosphorus
35.6kg K Potassium

When applied at 1,250kg per hectare Osflo supplies:

41.2kg N Nitrogen
13.7kg P Phosphorus
23.7kg K Potassium


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