• Is Osflo an acid fertiliser?
    No. The pH of Osflo is about 9 so Osflo will help lift soil pH.

  • Will I need to apply other fertiliser as well as Osflo?
    Osflo is a complete natural fertiliser and will provide the maintenance required for optimum pasture production. However, a soil test will confirm if additional nutrients are required in which case an Osflo customised blend application can be made prior to starting the Osflo maintenance programme.

  • Do I need to apply lime when I use Osflo?
    No. Osflo will lift soil pH when applied regularly. When soil pH is below 5.7 it is beneficial to apply lime. To save application costs lime can be blended with Osflo on dispatch.

  • How long do I need to leave my pastures before grazing after the application of Osflo? After fertiliser application it is recommended that pastures should not be grazed for a period of 21 days. This is the NZ fertiliser Industry Standard.


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