Soil Erosion

Erosion is a loss of soil resource and an environmental hazard. Soils that lose their soil structure and organic matter are prone to erosion.

Erosion reduces:

  • Rooting depth and soil volume
  • Soil fertility through nutrient loss
  • Water holding capacity
  • Crop yields

Topsoil erosion loss of about 12 cm results in 25mm less stored water. This has the potential to decrease maize yields by 600 kg/ha.

A major wind storm can result in losses of approximately 7kg/ha of phosphorus and other nutrients such as (N, Mg, Ca and K).

How does Osflo help reduce soil erosion?

Osflo fertiliser contains organic matter which improves the soil environment to sustain healthy plant growth which decreases the suceptibility to erosion.

Information from T.G. Shepherd C. W . Ross L. R. Basher and S. Saggar.
Landcare Research New Zealand