20 Apr 2021

Fertmark was established in 1996 to give farmers the confidence that the fertiliser products that they are applying are quality products supplied by reliable companies. Fertmark includes requirements set in the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act, requiring fertilisers to be supplied and applied in a way that minimises risks to food safety and animal welfare.


In 2002, Osflo became the first organic fertiliser to receive Fertmark accreditation, a certification that we hold near and dear. This means that we are supplying you exactly what we say we are, whilst going about it in a way that is good practice within the Fertmark Code of Conduct.


As a Fertmark accredited, local and sustainable fertiliser option, Osflo and the team are committed to helping farmers in their endeavors to care for their land, whilst maximising production. As a Fertmark registered company, we know that we can guarantee that our fertiliser options are of the highest standard in New Zealand agriculture and our farmers can be assured of the best agricultural, environmental and economic returns.


To learn more about Fertmark, check out the Fertmark section on the New Zealand Fertiliser Quality Control Council’s website:


Understanding Fertmark

Osflo Fertmark registered