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Achieve long-term soil health with unique blends of proven, natural and sustainable fertilisers.
Osflo Organic Fertiliser

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Care for your soil with tailor-made blends of natural, nutrient-rich, sustainable fertilisers
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Why choose Osflo?

Osflo fertiliser products enhance growth and nurture the soil. We’re committed to helping farmers care for their land in a sustainable way.

Custom Fertiliser That Delivers Results

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Osflo Fertiliser has a range of products suitable for pastoral and dairy farms, cropping production systems, and horticulture. Our specialists are available for extensive soil and herbage testing before creating a custom solution to fit your requirements.

sustainable Landcare

natural & sustainable fertiliser products


Osflo supply natural and sustainable fertiliser products.


We help farmers care for their land's long-term sustainability.


Replenish your soil's nutrients with nutrient-rich, natural products.

Our Industry Partners

Osflo is an established partner within the agricultural sector. We’re affiliated with some of the most trusted brands in the industry, and our mission is to help build the long-term growth and productivity of New Zealand farmers and growers.

Farmer success stories

“Long term growth and prosperity in farming means caring for the land. Osflo are the perfect partners to help us achieve this goal.”