What solution is right for me?


Osflo is a unique, nutrient-rich, sustainable fertiliser. It provides fast-acting and slow-release trace elements essential for orchard growth. 

Our fertiliser’s high organic matter improves the physical, chemical and biological soil health. It will also increase your soil’s water holding capacity.

  • Slow release
  • Organic matter (C:N ratio)
  • High organic content helps improve SWH capacity
  • Keeps soil healthy – high in OM/carbon

What solution is right for me?

Orchard FAQs

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Professional Nutrient Advice, farm mapping, assistance with N reporting, soil and herbage testing.

Osflo is a completely natural product, high in organic matter. The nutrients in Osflo are in different forms to most synthetic fertilisers.

Our product supplies a blend of fast acting and slow release nutrients to your soil and plants. There are many other benefits, as well, which can be found here >

We are based in Taranaki, but are able to freight product across the North Island.

Your first step is to contact us of course! From there, we will help you determine whether a soil or herbage test is the best next step.

We will then build a fertiliser plan based on your requirements, farming system, and current soil nutrient status.

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We specialise in making custom blends to ensure you get the right blend of nutrients to optimise your farm’s performance. We offer a full range of fertiliser additives. Contact us for more available options.

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Osflo Fertilisers are some of the most cost-effective fertilisers on the market.

Fertiliser requirements should be based on soil testing.

Call us today for a soil test and we can help determine which Osflo solution will provide the best results.

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