Spreading and Proof of Placement

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On-farm proof of placement

Streamline your fertiliser reporting with Osflo. When we apply your farm’s nutrients, you’ll gain access to your personal Tabula (previously TracMap) account. You can use this to place orders and receive fertiliser application data. 

Our in-house team is ready to support you as needed.

Spreading and Proof of Placement

The benefits of Tabula

As part of our service offering, we create a free farm map for your use. We use this to create our proof-of-placement maps, which you will receive after every fertiliser application job. You can download and use this farm map for any other purpose you may need it for.

Your Osflo farm map is yours to download, print and share. This is useful for other contractors, consultants, or visitors on farm.

With your TracMap account, you will be able to see your entire order history with Osflo.

Place your Osflo orders directly via the TracMap ordering system.

Download reports and spreadsheets showing the nutrients applied on your farm over any chosen time period.

You have the ability to invite other people to view your Tabula account. This is great for farm consultants, sharemilkers, farm managers and other relevant parties. Their permission can be revoked any time you wish.

Download the full Tabula technical guide

Fertiliser requirements should be based on soil testing.

Call us today for a soil test and we can help determine which Osflo solution will provide the best results.

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