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Our Partners & Affiliations

At Osflo, we pride ourselves on building long-term, ethical, transparent, and trustworthy relationships. Our affiliates and partners share our passion for agriculture and strive for continuous improvement in this field.


Fertmark was established in 1996. Their goal is to give farmers confidence that their fertilisers are high quality, and supplied by reliable companies. 

Fertmark includes requirements set in the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act. To be acredited, fertilisers are supplied and applied in a way that minimises risks to food safety and animal welfare. 

In 2002, Osflo became the first organic fertiliser to receive Fertmark accreditation, a certification that we hold near and dear. This means that we are supplying you exactly what we say we are, whilst going about it in a way that is best practice within the Fertmark Code of Conduct. 

Osflo is a Fertmark accredited, local and sustainable fertiliser option. Our team is committed to helping farmers care for their land, whilst maximising production. 

With Fertmark, we know that we can guarantee our fertilisers are of the highest standard in New Zealand. Our farmers can be assured of the best agricultural, environmental and economic returns.

To learn more about Fertmark, check out the Fertmark section on the New Zealand Fertiliser Quality Control Council’s website.


Access your personal farm maps, nutrient reports, and order history with help from our dedicated specialist team. 

Osflo also provides free mapping for your farm prior to any work being completed. This free service is available to all Osflo customers who purchase and spread their fertiliser with us. 

Our team is also available to visit and run you through TracMap software at no extra cost. 

Osflo has been using TracMap’s technology in our trucks for over 10 years, and it is awesome! We use it to schedule truck driver jobs, track fertiliser placement, and help our customers access account information. TracMap delivers top-notch intel for all these jobs.

Check out our TracMap page for more information on how to use it as an Osflo customer.

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Fertiliser requirements should be based on soil testing.

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