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Optimise your plant and soil health with help from our experienced team. Osflo starts this process with soil and herbage tests to check where your soil nutrient levels are at. With this data, we can help you make informed decisions to enrich the macro nutrients and trace elements in your soil.

Optimise Your Fertiliser Application With Soil Testing

Ensure you apply fertiliser effectively and efficiently by using soil tests. Accurate data can save you money and reduce the environmental risk of excessive nutrient applications. 

The agronomic team at Osflo has years of experience in this field. We will collect, analyse and report back to you your soil test results. From there, you’ll receive a fertiliser recommendation to exactly fit your requirements.

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Visit our technical resources page to find out more about deficiencies, knowing your crop and soil structures.

Complete Your Analysis With Herbage Testing

Herbage testing is a great way to complement your soil tests. Find out your nutrient availability levels and diagnose any issues with trace element levels. Get an overview of your farm’s nutrient status by combining herbage and soil testing. This is the most effective way to optimise production and crop quality. 

Achieve your herbage testing with the experienced agronomic team at Osflo. We offer a full range of testing from basic pasture analysis to identifying macronutrient and trace element levels.

Soil and Herbage testing

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Soil and herbage testing gives you an accurate picture of your property’s current nutrient status. This allows you to make informed and sustainable decisions. Do you have a question on the right agri-testing for you? Check out our FAQ’s below, or get in touch with us for more information.

Soil testing can be done on any problem areas of your property as required. In general, we recommend you complete an overall soil test every 2-3 years across the farm. This does not have to be every in individual paddock, as we can split your farm into specific blocks.

Soil and herbage testing are often used together to identify nutrient requirements. For the most part, soil tests are very accurate for nutrient statuses.

However, if you have an issue with trace elements, herbage tests provide a better indication.

It is not recommended to do soil tests in either Summer or Winter months, as it’s usually too dry or too wet. We recommend you do soil tests before your Autumn or Spring fertiliser applications. The most important factor is ensuring you test at the same time each year, and in the same areas.

Definitely! Different crops have different nutrient requirements. When you test before sowing your crop, you’ll be able to tailor your nutrient applications to suit the specific crop’s needs.

We have an experienced and capable team on board at Osflo who will organise a time to come out to your property to collect the tests. From here we send them to a specialist laboratory for professional analysis.

The physical soil testing will depend on the number of individual tests you require, as well as the size of the sample area. From here you can expect around a 5-7 working day turnaround to have your results.

Once your results arrive, we will be able to identify any nutrient requirements. From there, we’ll devise a specific fertiliser programme for you.

Fertiliser requirements should be based on soil testing.

Call us today for a soil test and we can help determine which Osflo solution will provide the best results.

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