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Over the last few years, farming has intensified. Forage cropping has expanded to support increased stocking rates.

Osflo is a unique, nutrient rich, sustainable fertiliser. It provides a range of fast acting and slow-release trace elements essential for pasture growth .

Farmers have a wide variety of forage and harvestable crops to choose from. These can supplement their feeding regimes during times of slow pasture growth or feed shortage. 

Our fertilisers meet the nutrient requirements for these crops, whether it be maize for silage or Brassica crops for a summer feed option.

Our slow release fertiliser supplies nutrients throughout the growing period. The high organic matter in our product sustains the physical, chemical and biological soil health.

What solution is right for me?

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At Osflo, we create custom blends of fertiliser to meet the nutrient requirements of the crop you are growing. These mixes will be dependent on your current soil fertility.

We stock a wide range of fertiliser additives to help us meet your nutrient requirements.

Osflo is a completely natural product, high in organic matter. The nutrients in Osflo are in different forms to most synthetic fertilisers. Our product supplies a blend of fast acting and slow release nutrients to your soil and plants. There are many other benefits, as well, which can be found here 

Professional Nutrient Advice, farm mapping, assistance with N reporting, soil and herbage testing.

When you place an order with Osflo, we provide the cartage to your property, as well as the spreading of the product. We also provide access to proof of placement technology. This means a quality product and expert service from start to finish.

Your first step is to contact us of course! From there we will help you determine whether a soil or herbage test is the best next step.

We will then build a fertiliser plan based on your requirements, farming system, and current soil nutrient status.

Osflo is a complete natural fertiliser. With our expert team, we can create any blend for any crop requirements.

From turnips, fodderbeet, and swedes, to lucerne, chicory, rape, and kale, our agronomic team will be able to find a solution for you.

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We specialise in making custom blends to ensure you get the right blend of nutrients to optimise your farm’s performance. We offer a full range of fertiliser additives. Contact us for more available options.

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Osflo Fertilisers are some of the most cost-effective fertilisers on the market.

Fertiliser requirements should be based on soil testing.

Call us today for a soil test and we can help determine which Osflo solution will provide the best results.

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