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Access reliable data and experienced advice from our highly qualified agronomic team. We can help with a wide range of services, including: 

  • Fertiliser plans 
  • Farm mapping 
  • Nutrient budgets 
  • Agri-testing 
  • General soil health and nutrient advice

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Fertiliser Plans

Maximise your property's potential with a tailor-made fertiliser plan. Our team will create a custom blend for your specific nutrient requirements.

Farm Mapping

Access a detailed map of your farm. You can use this map to see records of fertiliser applications, nutrient quantities and place online orders through to us.

Nutrient Budgeting

Optimise your fertiliser application with a nutrient budget. Our team has the Sustainable Nutrient Management certification to create this cost-saving data.


Ensure accurate data with our complete soil and herbage testing. Experienced Osflo technicians will conduct a thorough survey of your land, and use this data to create a customised a fertiliser plan to match your exact requirements.

Technical resources

Visit our technical resources page to find out more about deficiencies, knowing your crop and soil structures.

Fertiliser requirements should be based on soil testing.

Call us today for a soil test and we can help determine which Osflo solution will provide the best results.

Arrange a soil test