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Our Community

Osflo takes pride in being a locally owned and operated business. Below are some of the community groups, initiatives, and organisations we support.

Taranaki Community Rugby Trust

Why have we chosen to support Taranaki Community Rugby Trust?

Osflo has strong local and community ties to our Taranaki base and has been locally owned and operated for over 50 years. We support the Taranaki Community Rugby Trust because we want to see our communities healthy and thriving. As a sustainable fertiliser company, we deeply value a healthy environment. This inclusive approach starts at Osflo, and extends to the wider community.

Osflo Fertiliser Ltd are proud to provide sustainable nutrients to the Taranaki Community Rugby Trust farms. Sustainable fertiliser maximises on-farm production. This in turn means more support can directed into the community to contribute to the well-being of our local Taranaki people. Osflo are also proud to supply the lease of a runoff block for dairy support for the TCRT farming operations.

How long have we been involved with the Trust?

Our relationship with the Trust is strong and ever-growing. We have been heavily involved for many years in both supporting roles and in providing fertiliser to the Trust farms. The Trust is an integral part of grassroots sport in Taranaki. They promote rugby and partner with local businesses to advocate for wellness, safety, and strong communities. Osflo is over the moon to be able to support the Trust and the important work that they do out in the community getting our kids excited about sport.

Osflo’s co-owner Dave was introduced to rugby at an early age as a staple game in the Geraghty household. Dave and his wife, Kirsten, are staunch Inglewood supporters, with Kirsten constantly keeping Dave up to date with the latest excitement on the field. It doesn’t end with Dave though. His kids have recently been introduced to live rugby matches and are all too eager to join Mum, Dad, and Grandparents on the side-lines in the weekends.

How do we see the Trust making an impact in the rugby community?

The team at Osflo love seeing community donations going towards grassroots rugby through the Taranaki Community Rugby Trust.  These donations help get kids out on the field on those beautiful Saturday mornings in Taranaki.

Find out more on the TCRT website

Inglewood High School

“This winter our year 11 geography class at Inglewood High School had the amazing experience of coming down to Osflo to learn all about the company and its processes. After a great introduction and a beautiful tour of the (smelly) sheds, I along with three other students and our teacher Mr Haddon were able to put our geography skills to the test. 

“We travelled through the fields stopping at three locations within the river that passes through the area. We tested periphyton levels, conductivity, temperature, stream velocity, water clarity and nitrate levels. With the information we gained we were able to collate the data onto an interactive dashboard to share back with Osflo. It was a great experience and the company’s workers made the time very fun and informative.”


“I am not particularly fond of getting my hands dirty but the people at osflo made the experience much more fun and enjoyable. We were instructed to dig a hole, take the plastic off of the root of the tree, place the tree in the hole and then to cover it up. They told us where to dig and then the experience began. Once we had filled up the first designated plot of land we progressed to another. It was a simple fun task that anybody can do and is beneficial in all sorts of ways, known and unknown.”


“On June 29th our year 11 geography class headed to Osflo to plant trees and to test the quality of some of their water sources around their facility. Generously enough, osflo allowed us to use their facilities to ongo our geography testing with waterways as well as plant trees for a positive impact on the environment.

“We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to tour the area before we started and have each place explained to us in context. Big white fertiliser sheds were towering over us. They were filled with a main organic fertiliser and to the sides of the sheds were small individual slots for the substances to be mixed into the organic fertiliser to create a unique customised fertiliser for the soils needs. They explained what each substance helped with and what types of soil might need that specific substance. Osflo’s fertiliser is sustainable to the environment as well as proven to improve production.

“Behind the sheds there was a mountain of dirt leading up to the past students trees they had planted not too long ago. We each grabbed a couple of trees and a shovel and headed up the dirt bank to dig them into the ground. The water testers split up from the tree planters and went through the land to 4 different locations on one stream. They tested the water quality, pH levels, nitrate levels, water clarity, conductivity and velocity.

“Generously enough, Osflo allowed us to use their facilities to do our geography testing with waterways as well as plant trees for a positive impact on the environment.

“We hope to return back soon to run more tests to determine the change on the property’s waterways and plant more trees to grow our generations collection.

“On behalf of our geography class we would like to thank Osflo as well as Kelly* for introducing us to Osflo and letting us use their facilities to plant trees and test their waterways and for explaining the fundamentals of Osflo to get a feel for what they specialise in.”


Farmer success stories

As a result of regular Osflo use, animal health issues have decreased significantly.