End of an era as Osflo farewells Anton

Osflo has been lucky enough to have had their General Manager Anton Naus as part of the company’s furniture for the last 26 years. But come the end of March, Anton will have more time on his hands to head out in the boat and hang out with his wife, Wendy, their four kids and six beautiful grandchildren.

Anton is one of the most level-headed people you would ever come across and has been instrumental in each one of Osflo’s major milestones over the last 26 years. Thanks to his bank of knowledge and dedication, Anton played a large role in Osflo becoming the first organic product to receive Fertmark registration in 2002, and BioGro Organic certified in 2006. He also led the team towards the Taranaki Regional Council Environmental Award in 2010 for beneficial use of biowaste.

The year 2020 brings the first-year anniversary of Osflo’s new operational site, where Anton drove the greenfield project in designing a unique site with natural airflow and odour control. Anton accredits all he has been able to achieve at Osflo to the strong community spirit and culture within the business, where every person plays an integral part of Osflo’s success. 26 years have gone since Anton began at Osflo Fertiliser, and although he has buried a few trailers while loading and scratched almost every car he has driven, he has been a mentor and supporter for many team members and always has his door open for anyone coming to visit.

The team at Osflo would like to wish him luck, and are crossing their fingers that the grandchildren, family, squash, hiking, fishing and hunting will keep an always busy man, busy enough. We hope you get to climb all the hills, walk all the tracks, drink tequila sunrises and fill your freezer with all the fish and wild meat you can catch. Just don’t forget to drop some off to us!


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Fertmark was established in 1996 to give farmers the confidence that the fertiliser products that they are applying are quality products supplied by reliable companies.