Grey Water

Every truck deserves to have a nice long wash down at the end of each hard day, but it can become difficult to get every speck of mud off of your guards when you’re trying to be conscious of your water usage. In the interests of considering the environment and keeping the truck sparkling, the team at Osflo have decided that their green and white trucks need a green and grey solution. Once we realised that we could reduce our water usage by up to 75% we decided to jump right in and send Dave out in the digger to get us a head start.

A grey water system collects water that would otherwise head into the nearest drain and instead feeds it through a series of tanks and filters to disinfect it, clear out any sediment and then pump it back into a holding tank, ready for the next truck. While greywater may seem dirty, it is a safe and sustainable way to use water in our truck wash. The greywater system will give us greater control of where our water from the yard goes and reduce any potential pollution at our home base.

A greywater truck wash system is a simple and effective way for us at Osflo to look after the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling our precious water, while keeping our trucks and drivers happy (and glistening). If you want to know more, or even install you own simple greywater system, these are the site we found useful in starting our research;

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