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Osflo Maize Mix

Maize is widely grown as a silage crop and is used as a supplementary feed for dairy cows. High maize silage and grain yields come from achieving crop nutrient requirements.

Osflo Maize mix provides the nutrients required to grow a high-quality maize crop.

Maize crops produce high dry matter yields. They have a high requirement for nutrients especially nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). 

The average maize silage crop contains about 1.1% nitrogen (N), 0.2% phosphorus (P) and 1.2% potassium (K). This means a maize silage crop yielding 20 T DM/ha will take up around 220 kg N, 40 kg P and 240 kg K. 

Before planting maize, ensure you have a recent soil test, collected from 0-15 cm deep from your intended maize paddock. Maize grown on dairy farms can add value to farms’ feed supply. 

It mitigates climatic risk and extracts soil nutrients from high-fertility effluent paddocks. It can be a ‘break crop’ in the pasture renewal process. 

Maize has a deep rooting structure (up to 1.8 m.) This allows it to utilise nutrients that have dropped below the root zone of shallow-rooted pasture species.

Fertiliser management is an important aspect of growing good maize crops. 

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Osflo Maize Mix

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Osflo Maize Mix
Maize Mix

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Fertiliser requirements should be based on soil testing.

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