Thanks to more than 50 years in the fertiliser business, we know what it takes to improve pastures and we’re happy to share our knowledge with you.

  • Soil & Herbage testing
  • Professional nutrient advice
  • Customised fertiliser blending
  • Customised fertiliser programmes
  • Fertiliser transport & spreading
  • Proof of placement technology

Environmentally Friendly

Naturally balanced sustainable product that reduces environmental impact.

Proven Results

Osflo Fertiliser products sustain and increase yields as they supply complete nutrition and improve soil health.

Local & Proud

We are proud supporters of our local communities.

Experienced Team

Who have been putting your needs first for over 50 years.


Biogro Organic Fertiliser

From New Zealand’s leading organic certifiers of trusted organic products.

Cost Effective

Osflo Fertiliser products are cost effective which saves you money.

Quality Guarantee

Fertmark registered since 2002, to give you confidence and trust in our Osflo Fertiliser products.

Sustainable Product

High levels of OC and OM for sustainable farming systems.