Osflo Fertilisers are some of the most cost effective fertilisers on the market. They are a unique blend of essential nutrients, combined with organic matter, which is beneficial to all farming systems.

Naturally Balanced

Osflo contains a rich balanced supply of all essential elements to promote and sustain healthy plant growth and profits.


Osflo contains high organic matter which sustains and improves soil physical, chemical and biological health.

Fast Acting & Slow Release

Part of the Nitrogen in Osflo is immediately available therefore fast acting. The remaining nitrogen is released slowly, giving sustained nitrogen activity, which is beneficial to the plant and the environment.

Environmentally Friendly

The Osflo team are proud of the circular economy of their products, as they reduce waste and environmental harm as well as enriching agricultural systems.

Soil Biological Activity

Regular use of Osflo provides an excellent environment for earthworms and encourages a desirable soil environment for micro-organisms. Increased soil biological activity improves nutrient utilization and helps plants establish deeper rooting systems.

Fertmark Registered

Customers can be confident that fertilisers supplied by Fertmark registered companies like Osflo are reliable and trustworthy.

Soil pH

As a balanced fertiliser, regular applications of Osflo will increase soil pH.

Drought Tolerance

High levels of organic matter in Osflo products means increased tolerance against water stress due to increased soil water holding.

Yield Sustained & Improved

Osflo products have proven to sustain and increase yields in cropping and pastoral systems due to their unique blend which contains all essential elements and nutrients for plant growth.

Custom Blends

We specialise in making custom blends, which are tailored to ensure you get the right nutrients to optimise your farm performance. We offer a full range of fertiliser additives. Contact us for more available options.

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