Premote Fertiliser is one of Osflo’s balanced blends of fertilisers designed to build sustainable farming systems.

Balanced Nutrient Blends

To overcome deficits and improve soil physical, biological and chemical health.

Non-Acid Fertiliser Blends

To help increase your soil pH over repeat applications.

Healthier Animals Mean Reduced Animal Health Costs

If the soil and plants are healthy and without deficiencies the animals benefit.

Increased Production & Profitability

Single application of all essential nutrients saves you money and increases production.

Builds Sustainable Farming Systems For The Future

Keep your soil balanced over the long term to eliminate deficits and sustain your farming system.

Custom Blends

We specialise in making custom blends, which are tailored to ensure you get the right nutrients to optimise your farm performance. We offer a full range of fertiliser additives. Contact us for more available options.

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