Animal Bedding

Animal Bedding

sustainable solution

Osflo is the way to go for premium untreated animal bedding. We supply wood shavings in bulk and bales for all your animal bedding requirements.

local animal bedding

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Animal bedding provides a soft, warm and comfortable surface for animals. It is ideal for calf sheds, wintering barns, and goat bedding.


Our animal bedding is untreated, which means it has undergone no chemical processing, making it suitable for all animals

Year round supply

We have a year round supply of animal bedding, available in both bulk and bale form.


Our animal bedding is locally sourced from the Taranaki region

Low dust

The animal bedding is in shaving form so it has low dust content.

Delivered to your door

We have trucks available to cart bulk shavings as well as bales to your door.

Animal bedding

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