Eddie Hollard – Daves Patch – Horticulture / Vegetables

Osflo provide me with great service and expert nutrient advice, resulting in better-quality crops and healthier soils. Before using Osflo, our crops and vegetables tended to look pale and deficient and would run out of puff before their growth cycle had finished. I wanted a product that helped correct this while also replacing the large amounts of organic matter being removed from our soils and promoting good overall soil health on our properties.

The slow-release nutrient provided by Osflo has dramatically improved the longevity of our crops and allowed healthier, better-looking produce for us to provide to our customers. The results we have achieved with Osflo have led to significant growth in our business over the years starting as a small 1 acre market garden and progressing to our current operation of 600+ acres.

Osflo has grown alongside us, they have developed their business and services which has helped assist our growth. Things like custom blending for individual crops and/or soil fertility, new products like Biochar, and technological advancements like Tracmap have all contributed to making our relationship AWESOME.

The results speak for themselves in my mind, and I highly recommend Osflo to farmers of all types out there. Please don’t use it all though because I still need it 😊

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