Brendan Thompson – Pasture

I have been using Osflo for over 20 years, starting on my first farm and then growing my business to encompass multiple farms around the New Plymouth region. The professional service and advice that Osflo has provided me over all these years has helped me to do this.

Topsoil was almost non-existent on the farm and as a result the soil had very little nutrient holding capacity and the grass was not growing. I was looking for a fertiliser option to help improve the soil structure and overall soil health on the farm. I like the fact that Osflo is a sustainable, natural fertiliser that provides slow-release nutrient and gives me sustained growth while contributing to improving the quality and health of my soils, plants, and animals.

As a result of regular Osflo use, animal health issues that I used to suffer (milk fever, lameness, bloat) have decreased significantly. The multi-nutrient content of Osflo has played a large part in this, with regular inputs of all macro and micronutrients while also increasing and maintaining my soil pH, contributing to a healthier farming system.

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